25 de junio del 2017

17 Diciembre 2012

Starbucks recently announced plans to open 3,000 new outlets in the Americas — 1,500 of them in the U.S. — and more in China. That may seem like business as usual for the world’s largest...

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17 Diciembre 2012

In an attempt to push up lending, defrost the real estate market and clear bad debts, commercial banks have designed big credit programs to fund real estate projects.

BIDV, for example, has...

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17 Diciembre 2012

This situation can be seen particularly in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta, Viet Nam's premier fruit growing region.
Experts say the main obstacles preventing optimum exploitation of GAP...

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17 Diciembre 2012

The most noteworthy characteristic of the development program No. 7 approved by the Prime Minister in July 2011 is that Vietnam would rely too much on fossil materials and hydropower plants. If...

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17 Diciembre 2012

With the current export growth rate, the garment export turnover would be 13 billion dollars by 2020. However, with the Trans – Pacific Partnership agreement TPP, the figure would be as high as 22...

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